About Us

Tacoma Location


Bilingual Buddies Tacoma is open M-F 7:30-4:30. We accept students 1-5 years old.


Bilingual Buddies Learning Center is an in-home “Kindergarten Readiness Preschool Program” where your children will learn in both Spanish and English. BBLC benefits you and your family throughout the continuity of our childcare/preschool program. Between the ages of 0-4 your children's brains are primed to learn language, making this the perfect time for them to acquire a second language. Exposing your child to another language helps them learn about other cultures and may lead to them becoming more creative thinkers as they grow. 

BBLC is a child directed and play-based program that is loosely based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori. At BBLC we believe that children learn best through play and hands on exploration. We offer affordable Pre K, low ratio, no screen time, and “potty parties” (toilet learning, where children learn together by the example of their peers). Your child does not need to be out of diapers for our preschool program. Toilet learning is a very important step in the development of toddlers and preschool children and we completely support families in learning this skill in a mutually agreed upon time frame.  

At BBLC we find that it is very important to teach to the whole child. Children need to grow in all areas of their development. We strive to help them excel at emotional, physical, cognitive, and social developments. BBLC is a small family owned childcare & preschool program with a low child-teacher ratio. We understand the importance of continuity of care when it comes to teaching children, so we encourage families to continue care with us until children move on to kindergarten. “Research has found that children with secure attachment relationships with their caregivers are more likely to play, explore, and interact with other adults” (Raikes, 1996).